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General hiring conditions

Duration : The hire is effective at the time the lessee takes possession of the rented goods delivered to him. The hire duration is determined at a fixed rate with the hire company and the return dates and times are indicated to the lessee prior to handing over the rented equipment.
Delivery : By taking the bike, the lessee acknowledges that it is in good working order. The lessee acknowledges that the bike has normal accessories and optional equipment referred to on the back and that they are in good working order.
Electric bikes are delivered to the lessee with a fully charged battery. Consequently, the hire company can on no account be held responsible in the event of a flat battery, the autonomy being given for information purposes only and may vary depending on numerous parameters.
Return : The hired bike, property of the hire company, must be returned to it at the rental point on the business days and times displayed, on the last day of the scheduled hire period at the latest. In the event of a later return, the lessee undertakes to inform the hire company as soon as possible.
In the event of a late return, the hire company shall apply an additional invoicing corresponding to the rate applicable per late day.
The non-return of the bike in the 48 hours following the agreed date exposes the lessee to the filing of a criminal complaint for theft and cashing of the security deposit.
The lessee undertakes to return the bike and its accessories in the state in which he hired them, except or normal wear and tear.

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The hire rates are proposed in the form of fixed prices the contents and conditions of which are displayed at the rental point and which the lessee acknowledges having familiarised himself with. They may be modified at any time without notice. The rates and fixed prices applicable are those in force on the day of hire.
The service is payable in advance by the lessee either when the rented goods are made available or during the order in the event of reservation under the conditions indicated below in the paragraph “RESERVATION/CANCELLATION”

The incomplete use of a package, whatever the cause, cannot be the subject of a reimbursement or compensation.

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Any reservation on the www.cycles-arbes.com website gives rise to the full payment of the online hire.
The client has the chance of cancelling the hire 15 days before the handling of the equipment begins. In this case the client shall be reimbursed the payment.
In the event of cancellation between 15 days and the day of the service, the hire shall not be reimbursed. According to Article L221-28 (12): The right of retraction cannot be exercised for hire service contracts. Original text: “Accommodation service provisions other than residential accommodation, goods transport services, car hire, catering or leisure activities that must be supplied at a determined date or period”

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A security deposit is to be given to the hire company during the making available of hired goods. The amount of this security deposit corresponds to the value, decided on the day of hire, of the bike or electric bike made available. This security deposit shall be left in the form of a cheque, an imprint of a credit card or a direct debit pre-authorisation. It shall not be cashed during the hire period. Valid proof of ID may moreover be requested and registered by the hire company on delivery of the hired equipment.
The security deposit shall be returned to the lessee on return of the hired equipment in good condition after an inventory in the presence of the lessee and the hire company. However the lessee authorises the hire company to deduct from the security deposit the sums that could be due in the event of repair owing to damage, theft, loss, non-return or late return of the equipment under the conditions referred to in the articles concerned. It is expressly agreed that the amount of the security deposit can on no account constitute a limit of liability, the hire company retaining, if applicable, the right to pursue the lessee for the purpose of obtaining full compensation for its loss.

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For his own safety and that of others, the lessee acknowledges having the experience of riding a two-wheeler whether in the town or in the country.
Once the lessee takes possession of the bike, he becomes the sole legal guardian of it and consequently he undertakes to use it carefully and to totally respect regulations in force, the Highway Code as well as the conditions of use of the various accessories. He shall consequently remain solely responsible for fines and tickets established against him.
The lessee undertakes not to let the bike be used by persons other than himself or the person authorised by the hire company and for whom he vouches for. He undertakes on the other hand to only use it for his personal needs and refrains from taking part in any competitions as well their trials or preparation.
Any use of the equipment for purposes other than those for which it is intended by the manufacturer is forbidden.
The lessee refrains from making any modifications or transformations to the bike.
People under the age of 18 are only authorised to rent a bike with the countersignature of their legal representative.
The lessee undertakes not to sublet the hired equipment and generally speaking not to grant any right, real or other, in favour of anyone likely to affect the enjoyment of this or to limit the availability or freehold of the hire company.

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The lessee releases CYCLES ARBES from any responsibility resulting from the use of the hired equipment notably concerning accidents or physical, material or immaterial injury that he may cause third parties or himself. The lessee declares in this respect that he has personal civil liability insurance.

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In the event of a breakdown or incident during the hire, the lessee undertakes to do everything to proceed with the initial repairs with the kit supplied by the hire company to be able to bring the equipment back to the rental point.
In the event of a breakdown or accident leading to the bike being immobilised, the lessee undertakes to phone the hire company that shall tell him the measures to take. The lessee formally refrains from abandoning the bike without having obtained the agreement of the hire company. In the event of an onsite repair the hire company reserves the option of applying an additional invoicing to the lessee.

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The lessee benefits from no coverage for damage, deterioration, loss or theft endured by the hired equipment. The lessee undertakes to inform the hire company of this immediately and without delay.
In the event of loss or theft, the hire company shall cash the total amount of the security deposit as damages. In the event of theft, the lessee must moreover present to the hire company the document declaring the theft established with the police department.
In the event of damage to the equipment, the lessee shall bear the cost of refurbishing the said equipment, which may be deducted from the security deposit. In the event of blatant serious misconduct (failure to maintain control for riding while drunk or speeding), besides the costs of repairs the hire company may claim a bike immobilisation indemnity corresponding to the daily rate in force within a maximum of ten days.

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